How to start with Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure

“Starting with CVD helps to motivate the building of robust defences and helps to form a solution.”

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Stay ahead of cyber criminals

Our digital world continually becomes more complex. With an increasing number of devices added to the internet and a rising number of software releases, apps and websites, cyber criminals get more and more opportunities to do illegal work. With CVD, your organisation can focus on strengthening itself by targeting vulnerabilities. However, starting with CVD can be difficult…

In this comprehensive whitepaper, we’ll dive deeper into what CVD is, its advantages, some considerations before implementing such a program, and provide a guide to help you start with CVD. Please download it if you want to learn more about CVD programs.

Proactive steps are no longer optional

In this whitepaper you’ll also read about:

CVD integrated with other IT security measures

Do-it-yourself versus outsourcing

A Quick Guide How to set up a CVD policy

Whitepaper CVD

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