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One price, no surprise

One price, no surprise

Based on the amount and complexity of the projects your team(s) wants to start, you’re either a starter or an enterprise.

Managed service

Managed service

Through our platform, you can easily control your security projects, while we manage and validate all the reports your team(s) receives.

The few best

Only the best

The best the ethical hacker world has to offer, joining your team to go one step beyond

Automated Scanning

Utilize world-class vulnerability scanners to monitor the security of your applications

Automated scanning augment the skills of researchers for common vulnerabilities which evolve daily. Use automated scanning to regularly check your website for SQL injections, cross-site scripting vulnerabilities (XSS), missing security patches, and hundreds of other potential security issues lurking in your app. You can run a scanner on a monthly, weekly or daily base. You can set the exact time the scanner should start, and you can add multiple URLs the scanner ought to scan.

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Coordinated Responsible Disclosure (CVD)

Give users the opportunity to report vulnerabilities discovered in your
systems without the need to set up your own secure infrastructure.

Include the Responsible Disclosure policy in your applications to enable users and ethical hackers to report vulnerabilities. Just like researcher reports, reports originating from the Responsible Disclosure workflow are also reviewed by our Triage Team of security experts. This means you are only confronted with valid reports about real vulnerabilities.

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Researcher Programs

Build on the strength of your own team of Zerocopter Researchers

Set up your team of superb ethical hackers to search for unknown vulnerabilities in your application. We assist in selecting services, setting up programs, defining scopes and matching you with ethical hackers we vetted rigorously that match your scope.

  • Together, we decide the scope of the Researcher Program;
  • You specify the budget of the Researcher Program;
  • Together we determine the start date and length of the Program;
  • We assemble the best team of ethical hackers to match your scope.

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Dedicated Hacker Time

Maximise the control of your specific project with our 10.4

Want to start fast with a security check done by quality researchers? Want to steer the focus of the research of your project? With our 10.4 - Dedicated Hacker Time, we enable you to start a program for your specific needs in one work day! Read all about it here: Dedicated Hacker Time.

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Deloitte Technology Fast 50 2021

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Find Elusive Security Defects Using Bug Bounty Platforms

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Red Herring Award

Red Herring Award

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Cyber Security Awards

Cyber Security Award

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Luisella ten Pierik

“Zerocopter acts like a bridge connecting our security-team with the best ethical hackers in the world. By doing so, both Zerocopter and the hackers that work for us are a valuable extension of our security team.”

Luisella ten Pierik, CISO Stedin

Erik Drijfhout

“Together we investigate possible vulnerabilities in any new version of Embrace. When something is connected to the internet, it automatically is a potential target for hackers. To strengthen the security of Embrace, we continually have our collaboration platform tested by the world’s best ethical hackers.”

Erik Drijfhout, Security Officer Embrace


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