Effectively manage security developments with our platform

Our platform brings quality researchers within your reach, so you can make sure your cybersecurity is a collective effort and you go one step beyond together.

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What our platform brings to you

In the world of online security, we notice a lot of doubt when it comes to working with hackers.

Although the term ‘ethical hacking’ is gaining ground, there’s still much uncertainty that needs to be erased before the majority of companies are willing to work with hackers. Right now, online security has become a Wild West for companies. Trying to get control of risk levels by assigning security teams, hiring security companies at scheduled intervals and licensing multiple expensive solutions, but eventually, ending up with a security flow that is not insightful and with reports scattered all over the place.

What our platform brings to you
Implement smart technology

Implement smart technology

Our platform brings you to the forefront of security technology

Work with the right people

Work with the right people

Who understand and work for your objectives

Control your projects

Control your projects

By communicating directly with researchers about reports

And above all, align all these processes towards one goal!

And above all, align all these processes towards one goal

Just get an account, log in and choose a project. Next, see how Zerocopter researchers from all over the world get to work and deliver well-written, validated reports in your dashboard. We offer you the possibility to start a conversation in a thread with both the researcher and triage team member involved.

  • Start a project after logging in on our platform
  • Receive well-written reports that are validated by our triage team
  • Communicate directly with Zerocopter Researchers
  • Manage security development effectively

Want to know everything about Zerocopter?

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Want to know everything about Zerocopter?
Create a project

How our platform works

Step 1

Create a project

After receiving an invite to the platform, you can log in and create a project. Your project can be a Researcher Program, a Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure, Automated Scanning or for those with a specific project, Dedicated Hacker Time.

Communicate with researchers directly

How our platform works

Step 2

Communicate with researchers directly

You decide which parts of your application are tested by our automated scanners and researched by our team of ethical hackers. You have complete control over the do’s and don’ts that apply to the way vulnerabilities are unearthed and the allowed and disallowed technical methods.

Receive constructive reports

How our platform works

Step 3

Receive constructive reports

Well-written and evidence-based reports will, after being checked by our experienced Triage Team, pop up in your platform dashboard. Constructive reports by constructive hackers.

Solve vulnerabilities

How our platform works

Step 4

Solve vulnerabilities

After receiving a report with a vulnerability, you can take the required measures to ensure this vulnerability is solved. After, you can ask the involved researcher for a retest in which the researcher will assess if the updated safety measure is adequate and well implemented. Is the vulnerability is resolved, the researcher is paid.

Automated Scanning

Schedule automated scans of your website to reveal hundreds of potential security issues

Use automated scanners to regularly check your website for SQL injections, cross-site scripting vulnerabilities (XSS), missing security patches, and hundreds of other potential security issues lurking in your app.

Choose your scope by simply adding URLs you wish to scan and schedule the scanner. Scanner reports are scored by severity, parsed into a readable format and immediately made visible on your dashboard.

Zerocopters scanners are updated daily to scan for the latest vulnerabilities.

Coordinated Responsible Disclosure (CVD)

Include the Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure policy in your applications to enable users and ethical hackers to report vulnerabilities.

Just like researcher reports, reports originating from the Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure workflow are also reviewed by our triage team of security experts. The check by our triage team means you receive accurate reports about real vulnerabilities only.

You can choose to pay rewards to individuals who report a valid vulnerability via the Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure program, or you can pay rewards to research program participants only.

Researcher Programs

Leverage the skills of your team of elite ethical hackers to search for unknown vulnerabilities in your applications.

Many companies are unable to hire, train and retain a team of world-class security experts, with each team member having a unique set of security skills. Zerocopter gives you access to the world's best ethical hackers, whether you need 10, 50 or more researchers on your project.

Researchers are awarded on a no-cure-no-pay basis, per approved vulnerability report. By doing this, we offer you a cost-effective way to tap into the knowledge of experts without having to employ dozens of security engineers.

Dedicated Hacker Time

Enlist your special team of researchers to research your unique project for a fixed price

In need of a security check done by quality researchers? Want to steer the focus of the research? With our 10.4 - Dedicated Hacker Time, we enable you to start a program for your specific needs in one work day! Want to learn more?

Read all about our Dedicated Hacker Time

Zerocopter Budget

Zerocopter Budget

Researcher Program Guidelines

Upon launching your Researcher Program, you have to define a maximum budget for rewards. Researchers will see how much you are willing to spend on your Researcher Program. Zerocopter can help you choose an appropriate budget based on your applications and program scope.

This budget has no relation to your monthly subscription fee. You will receive a separate invoice once per month for payments made by us towards researchers who have found vulnerabilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find the questions other clients ask us the most.

In short our platform works like this:

  • Get an invite, log in and you are ready to go
  • Start up to 25 projects depending on the plan you decided on
  • Match with the best ethical researchers available
  • Communicate directly with Zerocopter Researchers with our easy to use Dashboard
  • Choose the best service we offer out of our toolset
  • Receive usable and validated reports, turned into actionable tasks

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