A security platform built for developers

The toolset for modern software developers that adds powerful security capabilities to your software delivery process.

Collaborate as a team

Keep everybody in the know to ensure that all team members are immediately notified about security issues when they arise. Code reviews are already a team effort in many companies, the same should apply to handling security.

Be in control

You decide which parts of your application are tested by our automated scanners and researched by our team of ethical hackers. You have complete control over the do's and don'ts that apply to the way vulnerabilities are unearthed and the allowed and disallowed technical methods.

Legible reports

Securing starts with understanding, we make sure every reports is legible without have to be a security expert. All reports are turned into actionable tasks before they reach your dashboard. Every report has a live conversation thread in which you, our triage team and the researcher can have a dialogue.

The toolset

Researcher Programs
Leverage the skills of our pool of elite ethical hackers to search for unknown vulnerabilities in your applications.

Your personal team of ethical researchers

Many companies are unable to hire, train and retain a team of world-class security experts, with each team member having a unique set of security skills. 

Zerocopter gives you access to the world's best ethical hackers, whether you need 10, 50 or more researchers on your project.

Researchers are awarded on a no-cure-no-pay basis, per approved vulnerability report. This offers you a cost-effective way to tap into the knowledge of experts without having to employ dozens of security engineers.

Responsible Disclosure
Give users the opportunity to report vulnerabilities discovered in your systems without the need to set up your own secure infrastructure.

A ready-to-use infrastructure

Include the Responsible Disclosure policy in your applications to enable users and ethical hackers to report vulnerabilities. All reports are triaged by Zerocopter and published to your dashboard in an easy to understand format. 

Just like researcher reports, reports originating from the Responsible Disclosure workflow are also reviewed by our Triage Team of security experts. This means you are only confronted with valid reports about real vulnerabilities.

You can choose to pay rewards to individuals who report a valid vulnerability via the Responsible Disclosure program, or you can choose to pay rewards to research program participants only.

Utilize world-class vulnerability scanners to monitor the security of your applications. Scanners augment the skills of researchers for common vulnerabilities which evolve daily.

Use scanners to augment manual vulnerability research

Use automated scanners to regularly check your website for SQL injections, cross-site scripting vulnerabilities (XSS), missing security patches, and hundreds of other potential security issues lurking in your app. 

Choose your scope by simply adding URLs you wish to scan and schedule the scanner. Scanner reports are scored by severity, parsed into a readable format and immediately made visible on your dashboard. 

Zerocopter's scanners are updated daily to scan for the latest vulnerabilities.

App Map
Render a visual map of your application to discover new and untested parts of the app, and catch suspicious inbound and outbound network traffic.

Get the complete picture

Based on zerocopter.js or a server-side plug-in your applications can inform Zerocopter about all endpoints accessed by web visitors and page scripts. This enables you and researchers assigned to your project to view a visual map of the web application, to discover new and untested parts of the app and to catch suspicious inbound and outbound http traffic.

Zerocopter.js is a fast and lightweight code snippet which can be embedded into your staging or production web pages. It tracks page loads and catches http (e.g. Ajax) calls made by other scripts on the same page. If you don't want to use JavaScript you can use a server-side approach (albeit with limited functionality).

Zerocopter Triage Team

We help you to get to the core of the matter

Our Triage Team makes sure every report is validated before being released to your Dashboard and can help you to resolve the issue. The team has extensive expertise in a broad range of fields to give comprehensive feedback on every situation.

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