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Zerocopter - Your gateway to go One Step Beyond in cyber security

Imagine trying to catch apples falling from a big tree: you know they’re going to fall but not exactly where and when. Now imagine doing so while being blindfolded. Simply impossible, right? This is exactly what businesses face when being unprepared for cyber-attacks. And that’s where we come in. Go One Step Beyond and let us be your eyes and safety net.

You could describe hackers as opportunists. Once they see a vulnerability, they attack – with all its consequences. From privacy violations of your customers to risking a fine or even imprisonment themselves. At Zerocopter, we turn it around. We arm and reward our 300+ associated researchers to find the most hidden vulnerabilities out there. In addition, we develop invites to stimulate third party hackers, too. Together we build the safety net that your business deserves.

Your ways to improve

There are two ways we work to track potential dangers. The first one is through The Bug Bounty Program. Yes, exactly like bounty hunters. You get the idea: a group of researchers being paid to find breaches. The nature of this way of working makes it possible for you to start quickly and easily on improving your security.

The second way – and they are certainly not mutually exclusive – is called The Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Program, or CVD. It allows your business to get a course of action, directly from researchers who have stumbled upon vulnerabilities in your business. Combining these modes of operating can bring your organization One Step Beyond.

Go One Step Beyond with Zerocopter

We hear you think: okay sure, cybersecurity is important. But what’s the actual benefit of taking that extra step? Well, it’s about truly staying ahead of cyber criminals is a comforting thought and allows you to gain more confidence. This will reflect onto your customers and provide them with improved online security. For the past 12 months – like any other 12 months since Zerocopter was founded – we worked relentlessly to give our clients just that: an improved online security, more confidence and enhanced relationships with their stakeholders. 

As a testament, we’ve gathered everything that we have accomplished last year into a report. We don’t want to give away too much just yet, but did you know that our researchers made over 2,000 valid reports in the last 12 months? And in the light of transparency, we’ve also summed up the rewards given to the researchers as well as the most frequently found vulnerabilities and their average fix time. This is relevant information that you do not want to miss out on. Get your hands on The Report now and do not hesitate to ask questions.

Dive deeper into the possibilities of going One Step Beyond

Written by Zerocopter

February 7, 2022

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