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Zerocopter supports to assist healthcare institutions

Zerocopter and other Dutch cybersecurity companies are joining forces to protect healthcare institutions against cyber criminals during the corona crisis. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are essential in fighting the virus. Unfortunately, there are criminals who take advantage of the uncertain and difficult time and attack healthcare institutions digitally. Partly on the initiative of Cyberveilig Nederland, digital security experts are brought together to assist healthcare institutions.

Hospitals or other healthcare institutions whose acute care is at stake can place a request for help on the website. The coalition of cybersecurity companies then divides the work among themselves and comes up with a tailor-made approach to guarantee the continuation of care. The focus here is that it does not take time for healthcare institutions and they can continue to provide good healthcare.

Support from cybersecurity organizations

About 20 cybersecurity organizations have now joined the coalition, including organizations such as Zerocopter, Deloitte, Z-Cert - the Computer Emergency Response Team for Healthcare - and KPN Security. Together, the coalition partners of the initiative Wij Helpen Ziekenhuizen make a large number of specialists and thousands of hours available free of charge to restore the entire IT environment of a healthcare institution in the event of an incident.

Cyber attacks doubled

Cyber criminals exploit the coronavirus outbreak to infect healthcare devices with malicious software or lock IT systems and demand a ransom. According to Reuters news agency, the World Health Organization has observed more than a doubling in cyber-attacks. Cyber criminals from the hacker group Maze also broke into Hammersmith Medicines Research, a British company that tests vaccines against the coronavirus. The cyber criminals stole data and then demanded a ransom.

Cyberveilig Nederland

Wij Helpen Ziekenhuizen is an initiative of Cyberveilig Nederland. Zerocopter is one of the founding partners of this sector organization for cybersecurity service providers in the Netherlands.

Written by Zerocopter

March 27, 2020

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