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You’ve convinced the board. Now what?

This question will inevitably pop up in talks when you press for a new perspective on security. Why are you convincing the board? You should have this answer ready. Our advice? Read on and learn more.

This is part two of our blog series on convincing your board to change its perspective on security. Part one, titled ‘How to convince your board to change its perspective on security’, can be read here.

You should already have a firm grasp on alternatives for the pentest as the go-to method for testing security measures. A continuous method should be put forward as an alternative. No surprises here, we’re talking about working with our hackers – although we refer to them as researchers because they are the ones that research your scope. In the ever-changing security landscape, we see a slow shift from labelling hackers per default as ‘bad and malicious individuals,’ to accepting them more often as ‘useful and potentially friendly.’ Still, many members of the board express doubt when the subject of enlisting hackers is brought to the table. “Working with hackers? Absolutely not!” – We hear it all the time. However, working with researchers through our platform offers advantages no other method of testing can deliver.


The advantages of working with hackers

Rigorous screening 

All the researchers that work for us are highly qualified and background-checked. 

Managed service

Our Triage team manages and validates all the reports your team(s) receives, guaranteeing quality findings and well-written reports. 

Grow security culture

Direct communication between your developers and our researchers, especially after a vulnerability is discovered, allows for a steep learning curve and a low recurrence rate of developer errors. 

Effective security testing

Our researchers do not focus on one limited scope and are not bound by time or limiting focus. Unlike with pentesting, our researchers dive in what they deem necessary and are therefore more effective than any form of pentest can possibly be. 

Track everything through a dashboard 

Easily present findings our researchers dig up to the board. Combine these findings with an estimate of what the business risk and cost would be if a criminal had dug up this vulnerability.

Have everything you need?

If you’ve read our blogs about convincing the board to change its perspective on security, you have the material to start a new conversation with your executives. However, when you need more specifics, we refer you to our brochure. In it you’ll read more about the functionalities our platform provides and how they help your company expand attention to security in a low-cost and effective way

Written by Zerocopter

March 4, 2020

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