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Imagine trying to catch apples falling from a big tree: you know they’re going to fall but not exactly where and when. Now imagine doing so while being blindfolded. Simply impossible, right? This is exactly what businesses face when being unprepared for cyber-attacks. And that’s where we come in. Go One Step Beyond and let us be your eyes and safety net.

The past few years of the pandemic have been influential for many industries. As a result, organisations needed to adapt to the new working methods - which led to the increase of digital communication, hence, the increase of digital data. Due to this shift, companies have started taking security matters more seriously. Just by looking at the internal analysis (data collected over the past 12 months), we can see that 65% of our customers have started with the Bug Bounty program and 81% with the Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure program, which means our customers nowadays look for more safety and greater protection.

Last year witnessed some of the most severe cyber-attacks among which were Kaseya ransomware attack, Microsoft Exchange Mass Cyber Attack, as well as The Colonial Pipeline attack. For the coming year, the number of cyber-attacks is predicted to continue growing. Center for Internet Security predicts the growth in ransomware and supply chain attacks, and Help Net Security states that those will double if not triple.

Go One Step Beyond with Zerocopter

We hear you think: okay sure, cybersecurity is important. But what’s the actual benefit of taking that extra step? Well, it’s about truly staying ahead of cyber criminals is a comforting thought and allows you to gain more confidence. This will reflect onto your customers and provide them with improved online security. For the past 12 months – like any other 12 months since Zerocopter was founded – we worked relentlessly to give our clients just that: an improved online security, more confidence and enhanced relationships with their stakeholders. 

As a testament, we’ve gathered everything that we have accomplished last year into a report. We don’t want to give away too much just yet, but did you know that our researchers made over 2,000 valid reports in the last 12 months? And in the light of transparency, we’ve also summed up the rewards given to the researchers as well as the most frequently found vulnerabilities and their average fix time. This is relevant information that you do not want to miss out on. Get your hands on The Report now and do not hesitate to ask questions.

Dive deeper into the possibilities of going One Step Beyond

By no means we are aiming to scare you with this information, but on the contrary, we want to bring awareness about the possible threats so you can be alert and well-armored because criminal hackers are. As digitalization continues to pick up pace, it is vital to keep strengthening and securing the organization’s systems and data.

"Above all else, they must heed the fact that no business, irrespective of industry or location, is immune from the growing threat of a successful cyberattack."


In order for you to be better prepared for the upcoming year, we have gathered insight on the most frequently found vulnerabilities in the past year in both Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure and Bug Bounty programs. We also want to show you what we are doing and how in order to help you to be one step beyond cyber-criminals.

Dive deeper into the possibilities of going One Step Beyond

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Written by Zerocopter

March 21, 2022

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