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Why having a #FirstAidKit is not enough for proper cyber security - but does help!

Each year in October, it is European Cyber Security Month (ECSM). To raise awareness but also to share knowledge and organise interesting events around this subject. This year’s themes are #CyberFirstAidKit and #CyberSecurityFromHome. 

When you were younger and scraped your knee, your parents probably gave you a band-aid from the first-aid kit. It helped you heal, but it would not prevent you from falling again. The best case scenario? Have both: band-aids in case you need them, long term solutions and tools to make sure you don’t fall again. This also applies to cyber security - a first aid kit is necessary, but long term solutions will prevent worse.

Imagine a breach: you rush to solve it, patch it up, stop anything from leaking. And righteously so! But don’t just leave it at quick-fixes. If a breach was possible, it means there’s a weakness that temporary solutions just will not hold. The best thing is to implement long term solutions that will not only prevent this from happening but also improve the overall cyber security of your company.

Invest in both: have your Red team ready for action at any given moment and set up solutions that will help you in the long run. Let’s see which solutions Zerocopter has in store for you:


Our researchers are a class of their own. We call them the Zerocopter researchers: ethical hackers. Rigorously vetted and experienced veterans of the white hat hacker world, working for you. We connect our researchers with you, so they are at your disposal through our platform, day and night. Let them help you track down weaknesses, so you know where to make improvements on otherwise  unnoticed vulnerabilities. Each Zerocopter researcher tracks down weaknesses in the software in their own characteristic way. But they’ve proven to be reliable, ethical and in it for the long run.

The benefits of working with Zerocopter Researchers:

  • Detailed reports
    Insights presented in a well-written way, supported by proof
  • Checks and balances
    Every report is validated before being released to your Dashboard
  • Experienced
    Over 3000 researchers are connected to our platform
  • Strong moral code
    Our researchers are determined to hack for the good
  • Rigorously vetted
    Screened thoroughly by security experts worldwide
  • Bound by NDA
    No bug or report can be published without permission
  • No cure no pay

Bug Bounty

In the last decade alone, the pattern of software releases has changed dramatically. Ten years ago, software updates and new programs were released a few times a year, which was coupled with heavy testing before release and drawn-out release schedules. Now, software is released almost continuously. This is great for business and boosts company responsiveness, but it can leave software not fully tested and thus vulnerable. Bug bounty programs are a solution for this because they offer a continuous way to test your system, regardless of how fast you release software. This is only one of many answers to the ‘why should you start a bug bounty program?’ question, and you’ll find the rest of them in this whitepaper. Although the term ‘ethical hacking’ is gaining ground, there’s still much uncertainty that needs to be erased before the majority of companies are willing to work with hackers. Right now, online security has become a Wild West for companies. By trying to get control of risk levels, organisations assign security teams, hire security companies at scheduled intervals and license multiple expensive software solutions, but eventually end up with a security flow that might not be insightful and with reports scattered all over the place. It’s always good to have several security solutions in place, but don’t lose overview!

  • Implement smart technology
    Our platform brings you to the forefront of security technology
  • Work with the right people
    Who understand and work for your objectives
  • Control your projects
    By communicating directly with researchers about reports
  • Triage

Coordinated Responsible Disclosure

Strengthen your IT security with Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure.

The number of devices connected to the internet grows. This increases the attack surface for cyber criminals.
Want to know more about Coordinated Responsible Disclosure?

We’ve written a blog about it ! 

The solutions Zerocopter provides contribute to your cyber security in the long run. We’ve got band-aids, of course, but we’d rather give you the tools and tricks to make sure you don’t scrape your knee!

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Written by Zerocopter

October 12, 2021

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