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New buyer's guide from Cyber Safe Netherlands

Update: The report is now also available in English.

In 2018 a new industry group, Cyber Safe Netherlands, was created by 8 cybersecurity service providers in the country. The founders are the following companies: Computest, Fox-IT, Guardian360, Hoffmann, Motiv, Northwave, QSight IT, and Zerocopter. Their objective was to raise awareness while creating a more qualitative and transparent industry. 

After only 3 years, the group grew to 60+ members that work towards a common goal - to contribute to cyber resilience in the Netherlands. Also, the organisation has 3 active working groups that tackle 3 important aspects in the industry - Public Affairs, Quality & Transparency, and Education & Research. Their latest publication comes out of the second working group, Quality & Transparency in the cybersecurity industry and it’s an extensive report that will help organisations make the right choice when it comes to requesting cybersecurity services. Answers to questions like “ What should you do before you start a security test” or “ Which security test do you need” are covered by this guide. 

What should you do before you start a security test? 

This buyer’s guide entails a set of priorities that your organisation has to take into consideration before choosing the right security services. The first step, and one of the most important one, is to formulate your needs before looking for a security test. This prevents your organisation from spending money on a security test that might not meet your needs. Second of all, which processes, data, or systems are your crown jewels? Having a clear overview of your digital assets and doing a risk assessment will help you to determine your security level. 

Which security test do you use for what purpose? 

Cyber Safe Netherlands created an illustration of the security questions to guide you which security services are best for your organisation. Once you have your priorities set, you can find a comprehensive review of the 7 main groups of security tests. They are presenting each security test's role, advantages and how they relate one to another. This way you can compare different services and choose the one that matches your requirements. Do you want to know more about Continue security testing? Or about Vulnerability assessment? Then you definitely have to download the buyer’s guide from Cyberveilig Nederland!


But remember, if you answer yes to “ Mijn doel daarbij is Continu externe onderzoekers ‘lekken’ laten vinden in een testobject” or “Zoveel mogelijk ‘lekken’ vinden in een testobject “ don’t hesitate to contact us ! 

Written by Zerocopter

July 28, 2021

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