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How better security enables you to go one step beyond

We don’t need to tell you the statistics of hacks that are happening right this second or share with you the impact a breach can have. We know that being petrified will not get you anywhere, so it’s better to roll up your sleeves and do something - which is exactly what we like to do. 

Improve your security

There are many ways to improve your security and make sure your company does not fall victim to a hack. Make sure you have them all in place and fully functioning. Use tools to assess your cyber security, like pentesting in which hackers are testing the piece of software you would like them to check. This will contribute to less hacks and a more secure company. But to really unleash the full capacity of your company on a security level, you should go one step beyond.

To go one step beyond

What do we mean by that? Having your security in check is the basis from which you can grow into a stable, trustworthy companion for your client or partner. By building that level of security, your partners or clients can rest assured their data is safe. You can never 100% guarantee it, but you will reap the benefits if you go for 110% effort - just a little bit beyond their expectations. How to go one step beyond? By starting a bug bounty program, for example. The volume of hackers differs here from pentesting, as well as the reward-structure. Giving each hacker the chance to find something, will give you a broader range of skills.

Don’t be the bearer of bad news 

Having to explain that you’ve experienced a breach or fell victim to a hack is never nice. Especially not when you have to go into this conversation with stakeholders. Of course, it can happen to anyone but it would be great to not have those conversations too often. Having your security in check means you can go one step beyond: a hack or breach being the exception rather than the rule will help establish trust and reduce the friction with your partners. It also is a great signal to potential customers: you’ve set a great example and good standard and apparently, you keep your promise! 

Being sure = to gain confidence

Being sure that all the security solutions that you’ve implemented are working and thriving, can give you a major confidence boost. Paving the way to pursue market opportunities that you previously did not even dare to dream of. Having a secure company also unleashes plenty of staff capacity! You still have to investigate every vulnerability found, but when your security solutions are up and running, you’ll notice they will get less. Isn’t that what we all want?

Zerocopter helps you go One Step Beyond

All our services are aimed at getting you as secure as needed - and then some. With our personal approach and the whole world of researchers at your disposal, you can establish a much desired security basis. Set up solutions like a Bug Bounty or Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure programs, reach out to top researchers and get detailed reports aimed at just the project you wanted. With Zerocopter you can be sure of having the best hackers available that will search for vulnerabilities and report back to you. We make sure their ethical compass is set correctly and unleash them in your dedicated hacker time. On our platform you can contact them effortlessly and reports are presented to you in an organised and complete manner. 

From this stable basis, you can develop your company or organisation into a reliable factor that is prepared to go the distance to ensure the client you’re always one step beyond.

Are you willing to go further?

We’re here to get you there! 

Written by Zerocopter

November 24, 2021

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