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Edwin van Andel joins Zerocopter!

Edwin van Andel made the transition from Yafsec to Insite Security / Zerocopter. Starting this week, Edwin will strengthen us with his years of experience, and unorthodox view on information security.

Edwin is a hacker at heart. Pressing buttons from his cradle, he grew up playing with the very first computers and modems, inspired by his favorite magazine Hack-tic. As a teenager he frequently studied open systems on "possible available information" and eventually he went to work for a large computer distributor. There he quickly moved up to a senior consultant position and manager network security projects, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

In 2003 -together with a colleague- he started the company Yafsec, with the primary goal of supporting companies and dealers on network security topics. In this capacity he worked with many large customers who he advised and sometimes gave a friendly wake-up shake. Here he also developed his love for 'logical, no-scope testing'. 


Elected winner of the Lightning talks at BruCON 2013 and organizer of the alternative NCSC conference # Alt-S, Edwin is also a welcome guest speaker. He can -in a unique way- translate from hacker to management.

At Insite Edwin will primarily focus on building the Zerocopter platform, as well as coaching (new) security researchers. He will also remain active as a speaker, "For there is still plenty to do. It remains necessary to make the correct translations between all players, and to stay aware of all the current threats in information security, but to also to embrace the opportunities."

Written by Zerocopter

January 8, 2016

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