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Connecting hackers. Is it frequencies? Or just interest?

Yup, that's a pretty weird title. So you could have just clicked away and be on your way now to find something else of interest on the interwebs. But you didn't. You are here, reading these words. Why? The reason I ask, is that I'm wondering about this very question myself. No, not why I'm writing this, or why you are reading this, but more about the strange links -or brain clicks- that hackers seem to have to other hackers and/or alike minds.

Whut? Let me elaborate. Last year, a couple of months before I started working at Zerocopter, I had a speaker gig at an event in Groningen called the Holland Webweek. My soon to be 'boss' (sorry boss ;)), was co-organizer and giving updates in-between sessions and speakers regarding the scoring done on a CTF hosted at their office. As I walked in the office an hour or two before hitting the stage, I was introduced to a young hacker called Olivier Beg. I've heard of him, as he was renowned bug hunter and top 10 bug bounty hacker at the time, but I had never met him up to then.

We shook hands, introduced each other and that was it. As the famous ‘after hello’ silence fell I glanced at the live feed showing the boss giving update at the remote stage. The CTF scoreboard was plain white and boring, and I couldn't help noticing that out loud. Olivier looked at me and started to smile a little. 'Yeah, It needs a unicorn or something' he said. 'With a pirate cat riding it!' I replied. 'While firing a gun' - we shouted out at the same time. And with that, the connection was forged. And when it was time for the next CTF update, Olivier and I stood in the back of the room, a little anxious. I'll never forget the look on my boss's face, when he laid eyes on the updated scoreboard. And his moment of silence while absorbing the scene. Followed by acceptance, and the “Ah, hackers” apology to the audience.

What am I trying to say with this story? Well, hackers connect to hackers. When you put hackers in a crowd, quite often they draw back, and stay out of the lights. But if a hacker meets other hackers, there is a click, a mutual recognition, and an immediate sense of the power of combined ideas and brains.

That's why I love the Zerocopter platform. Where hackers can pick and interlock their minds, share their skills and their enthusiasm, and hack away together, in small groups, on great targets. Curious? Well, why not join us. I hope to see you soon! 

Written by Zerocopter

May 9, 2016

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