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Bollo. The quest for a Zero-day scanner

And so, it ended. What was supposed to be a fun and relaxing team outing, turned in to a nightmare of epic proportions. Knives where thrown, harnesses and armor were conquered. Bacon was consumed and many beers where liquidated. In the end we were just thankful that no actual bears or other live animals where harmed during this weekend.

But we survived. We came out of the woods #winning. And we have a result. An epic result.

Confused you are? How do you think we feel?

Aight. Let me elaborate.

Mid February the idea was born to do a Zerocopter team outing. Find a big house somewhere nice and just hang out with the team to drink beers, tell stories and get to know each other on a somewhat different level. We ended up in a house on a Landal green park at the Veluwe.

Since we heard they have a bear there, we brought some weapons. Just to be sure. In the end it tuned out the bear was called “Bollo”, and supposably friendly. We never could validate that however, since the bear spotted our rifle before we could approach him — or even aim — , and he ran.

So since that threat was mitigated, we had to focus on some new threads. And since the Zerocopter crew mostly consists of hackers, a new goal was quickly found: Let’s build a free, fast, beautiful and easy extendable zero-day scanning solution. In 24 hours. While drinking.

Challenge accepted.

So, our team outing turned in to a hackathon. The rules and boundaries where quickly laid out, tasks where set for every team member, laptops where spun, and the games begun. The focus would be a ‘zero-day with logo’s’ scanner, on the Zerocopter platform, with an easily extendable api consisting of rock solid code.

We did 3 runs. Run 1 started at 1400, and ended at 1900. With pizza, what else. To slightly divert our minds off the coding, we toyed a bit with a high lumens beamer and a youtube fire video, projected on some adjacent houses. Although we were amazed of the reality level of this experiment, we stopped just before the fire trucks reached the park.

After that coding run 2 was fueled with booze, for security reasons executed with closed curtains and finally ended in a nightly team walk at 3 am through a deserted park.

Run 3 started on the second day after breakfast and ended with the deployment of one fantastic, free, high profile scanning solution. So. Without further ado, here it is.

May we present: Zerocopters ZDS!

Just enter the URL you want scanned, and within minutes you know if you are vulnerable to any of the high profile logo’d bugs. Simple! Easy! Free!

Where do you get this niceness you ask? Well, at of course. Or, if you want to go directly to the fun:

Go there. Scan. Be amazed. And know, that while you are preparing to go there, we will sleep. Like knights baby’s. Finally.

Zerocopter. What a team. Zerocopter #FTW!

Written by Zerocopter

March 17, 2016

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