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Curious to know how we did last year? Our report provides a look into trends in online security, with data collected from Zerocopter’s platform during a period of 12 months.

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Lowdown on bug bounty programs

The Zerocopter 2021 Report

In this report we show you which milestones we reached by connecting organisations to a network of world’s best ethical hackers. By sharing these statistics, we give insight into what is possible to achieve when working with ethical hackers. Understanding the average amount of days it takes to resolve a vulnerability or how many reports were created, helps you get the scope of things we’re undertaking.

Zerocopter supports your ambitions and to help you with your security challenges. Online security isn’t just about implementing smart technology, it is also about involving the right people, gathering insider intelligence and the ability to align all these processes towards one goal. Namely: going one step beyond to ensure cyber security.

The Zerocopter 2021 Report

In this report, you’ll read about:

Continuous development of security measures

How many vulnerabilities were found during a 12 months period?

Top most frequently found vulnerabilities over a 12 months period

How vulnerabilities get reported

Whitepaper Complete Lowdown on Bug Bounty programs

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