The complete lowdown on bug bounty programs

“Security flaws should not be seen as shameful but as a source of inspiration to build better defences”

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Lowdown on bug bounty programs

Bug bounty programs
are the solution

Nowadays software is released almost continuously, which is great for business and boosts company responsiveness, but can leave the software not fully tested - and thus vulnerable for cyber criminals. Bug bounty programs are a solution for this. They offer continuous feedback and a continuous way to test your system, regardless of how fast you release software…

This comprehensive whitepaper dives deeper into what a bug bounty program is, what benefits it has to offer, and how it outweighs the alternatives. Please download it if you want to know everything about bug bounty programs.

Proactive steps are no longer optional

In this whitepaper you’ll also read about:

Getting ready for a bug bounty program

Do-it-yourself versus outsourcing

How to set up a bug
bounty program

Whitepaper Complete Lowdown on Bug Bounty programs

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