Zerocopter Lunch & Learn

3rd of July, 12:00 CET - 12:40 CET

Why not use lunchtime to give you some insights? Zerocopter Lunch & Learn is an interactive and relaxed way where we eat lunch and discuss security topics together. We’ll keep it light, enjoy our lunch and make this time worth your while. Good food provokes good thoughts - and we want to hear them!

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    Our next Lunch & Learn will be hosted on the 3rd of July, 12:00 CET - 12:40 CET and centers around the question: what’s your safety net?
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    What we'll discuss

    Our platform


    approximately 5 minutes
    Our CEO kicks off this Lunch & Learn with a small introduction.

    Our products

    Zerocopter’s safety net

    approximately 10 minutes
    Glenn ten Cate presents Zerocopter’s safety net we have been implementing.

    How you take control

    A conversation

    Approximately 25 minutes
    The most interactive part of Zerocopter Lunch & Learn. Good food provokes good thoughts - and we don’t want to miss out on that. So time your biggest bites carefully, and join us for the conversation.

    Jan Albert Jonker

    Lunch & Learn

    Catering a lunch is not really corona-proof, so it’s no use to invite you to a buffet. We decided to fix things differently: you’re invited to join Zerocopter Lunch & Learn. We’ll send you a coupon, Lunch is on us!

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