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Many organizations keep track of security incidents and base all future cybersecurity plans on those incidents. Still lacking with that approach is a firm grip on how to prevent and handle security incidents that you haven't encountered yet. Insight in the level of your security maturity helps you decide what your organization needs to reduce security hazards.

The Security Maturity Scan assesses your organizations' security maturity level, involving strategy, safekeeping and execution. Afterwards, you'll receive insights on how to improve these crucial components of cybersecurity.

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The 5 levels of Security Maturity

Level 1 security

Level 1

Digitally insecure

Level 2 security

Level 2

Prone to hacks

Level 3 security

Level 3

Average security

Level 4 security

Level 4

Solid security

Level 5 security

Level 5


Find out your company’s level and receive valuable insights

Receive valuable insights on strategy, safekeeping and execution. All of which are crucial components of cybersecurity.

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