Responsible Disclosure Policy

and Zerocopter

Responsible Disclosure Policy: what's in it for me?

When someone using your website finds an issue that could impact your security, wouldn't you rather they would tell you? Zerocopter allows you to set up your own Responsible Disclosure policy to protect your clients and systems. See our Responsible Disclosure Statement here.

Vulnerabilities discovered by users

In the Responsible Disclosure policy you ask when someone discovers a vulnerability in your online environment to report it as soon as possible so you can address it quickly. This policy is visible to all of your users by for example mentioning it on your homepage. Vulnerabilities discovered by users are compiled by Zerocopter and reported to you in an easy to understand overview of the problem.

Only deal with validated reports

With the extra option of the Responsible Disclosure with Triage all reports are reviewed by our Triage Team of security experts, so you and your team only deal with validated reports of relevant vulnerabilities. The reports are presented in your own dashboard, you and your team will receive an email if a report has been added or edited.

No need to set up your own infrastructure

By setting up a Responsible Disclosure policy with Zerocopter for your organization you give users the opportunity to report vulnerabilities discovered in your systems without the need to set up your own infrastructure for handling this.

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