Researcher programs

Work with the best security experts, world-wide.

Researcher program

With a researcher program we offer the possibility to have a selected group of the best ethical hackers search for unknown vulnerabilities on your website. All researchers in our platform are screened and tested, so you can be sure we only work with the best and the most reliable researchers in the world. All reported issues are reviewed and validated by the Zerocopter’s Triage Team before publishing it to the dashboard. The researchers will be rewarded on a no-cure-no-pay basis, per approved vulnerability.

Zerocopter’s Triage Team of security experts check if all reported vulnerabilities are valid and if the reports are complete. During a researcher program you can communicate with the researchers, and Zerocopter’s Triage Team, about the reports. If you accept a vulnerability, the researcher will be rewarded. Zerocopter charges a triage fee of 35% on all paid rewards.

A researcher program ends when the period stops or if the budget is spent. You can always extend a researcher program if you want to.