Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing gives you an insight in the current security level of your online infrastructure.

Penetration Testing: does that fit my company?

The Penetration Test was developed in the early 70's as the first tool to asses security issues. A Penetration Test gives you an insight into the current security level of your online infrastructure at the time the test is conducted. Following the trend of a more continuous IT development today, Zerocopter has developed an online security platform that enables you to align all processes towards a continuously secured online environment.

From Penetration Test to Continuous Security

Today, thorough online security is more important than ever, to free up focus on moving your business forward. A Penetration Test is one way to evaluate the security of your online infrastructure to make sure there are no vulnerabilities that could be misused. But this is usually done by only one tester and it is only a moment in time. With Zerocopter’s online security platform you have continuous security in the form of scanners and multiple researchers who will test your online environment for vulnerabilities.

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