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Risk-aversion does not remove your duty to invest

In a fast-moving tech world, you as CFO face a range of challenges. Implementing the latest finance tech is certainly one of them, if not the most prominent. The difficulty with innovating the way day-to-day work is done is keeping costs aligned with results. Also, innovating with and implementing new technology brings certain risks. CFO’s that do not stop with this fact in mind are able to drive business strategy forward, as well as company profits. Finding the balance between investing and innovating in finance tech on one side and risk-aversion tactics on the other, makes the difference in the success of your company.

Proactive steps are no longer optional

Challenges of security development



Realising greater business value by adopting the latest finance tech



Protecting company and customer data against harm by letting teams run independently



Balancing investments/taking chances versus innovation/results



Setting up and overseeing company KPI’s successfully



Staying compliant with regulation to avoid sanctions



Pairing up with trustworthy partners who deliver risk aversing solutions

What Zerocopter offers

Zerocopter is the leading enterprise application security platform, empowered by the world’s best ethical hackers.

Our platform allows your company –amongst other features– to start research projects done by our Zerocopter Researchers that crawl applications and websites for bugs. Our platform enables your team to communicate directly with the ethical hackers that work to secure the safety of your company. This close relationship with our researchers also allows you to sustain a culture of learning new information and safeguard knowledge for future application development. We offer three kinds of features to fit your teams' needs and ensure that your developers are in the position to learn new skills and information from our researchers.

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What Zerocopter offers
Automated Scanners

Researcher Programs

Leverage the skills of our pool of researchers to search for unknown vulnerabilities in your applications.

Coordinated Responsible Disclosure (CVD)

Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure

Allow users to report vulnerabilities discovered in your systems without the need to set up your own security infrastructure.

Research Programs

Automated Scanning

Utilise world-class vulnerability scanners to monitor the security of your applications. Scanners augment the skills of researchers for common vulnerabilities which evolve daily.

Luisella ten Pierik

“Zerocopter acts like a bridge connecting our security-team with the best ethical hackers in the world. By doing so, both Zerocopter and the hackers that work for us are a valuable extension of our security team.”

Luisella ten Pierik, CISO Stedin

All done by our Zerocopter researchers

Our researchers are in a world of their own. We call them the Zerocopter researchers: ethical hackers of a different class. Rigorously vetted and experienced veterans of the white hat hacker world, working for you. For you, that means low effort, high reward. Other promises:

One price, no surprise

Based on the amount and complexity of the projects your team(s) wants to start, you’re either a starter or an enterprise.

The few best

The best the ethical hacker world has to offer, joining your team in the effort of improving security.

Managed service

Through our platform, you can easily control your security projects, while we manage and validate all the reports your team(s) receives.

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