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Zerocopter helps your organisation to get cybersecurity One Step Beyond. In this brochure you can find all the information about our programs, the way we work and what we can do for you. Start the download and get more secure!

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Our platform

Read all about the ethical hackers whose goal is to improve your security environment and detecting vulnerabilities, to make sure your organisation is well protected.

Researcher Programs

In this brochure, you’ll find a short description of how starting a Bug Bounty Program with Zerocopter can help your organisation. Learn everything about what it is, how it works and how we facilitate this Researcher Program for you.

Coordinated Vulnerability Programs

Get to know how a Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (CVD) Program helps you. What does it include, and how will a CVD policy help your organization get more secure?

But there’s more!

In this brochure you’ll also read about …
• Dedicated Hacker time, and every other service we offer.

• Why Zerocopter is the right match for you.

You can read what kind of support you can expect from Zerocopter and how we approach securing your organisation.

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