Koen Peeters is Zerocopter's new Business Process Manager

Koen Peeters has joined Zerocopter as Business Process Manager. Together with CEO Edwin van Andel he will get to work structuring the company so it’s even better equipped to handle large numbers of clients in the future. Edwin says: “I’m really glad we found Koen willing to join us. He will be a great addition to the team and to Zerocopter.”

Zerocopter is working to expand its business proposition as well as its client base, and in order for this to run as smoothly as possible, now is the time for a new foundation for the company.

Koen has over six years experience in operations management and process design, and will add his knowledge of these and other subjects to our team. He will be a critical voice as we go along developing our product and company.

"Keep It Simple sounds like an easy motto", Koen says, "but it always turns out to be much harder than it appears. I love to find the right balance between complexity and simplicity."

Written by Zerocopter

June 2, 2017