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Go One Step Beyond: keep cybersecurity human

We’ve all seen the shocking statistics about cybersecurity. How many hacks are occuring on the daily, the huge amount of data that is circulating the dark web… Cybersecurity has a tough time to keep up with the whirlwind that the hacking industry has become. So, how do you get your cybersecurity in check? Go One Step Beyond: keep cybersecurity human. 

Instead of scaring people into action, we should turn it around: don’t present cybersecurity as some far away land where scary stuff happens, but acknowledge that there are people involved. Yes, it will be humans who are looking for vulnerabilities but it will also be humans who can help you protect your data and get your company more secure. According to IBM, human error is a major contributing cause in over 70% of cybersecurity breaches. So it should also be the humans who prevent or start to resolve it.

You never walk alone

Cybersecurity is a collective effort. It’s not just the personal adjustments you can make by increasing password security, but it will be more successful if you involve more people. With Zerocopter, there’s at least 22 people in our organisation that are by your side, plus you get backup from 300+ rigorously vetted, trusted ethical hackers. Their dedication to the cause is endless and they stop at nothing to help you find vulnerabilities. With their dedication and our ambition to make sure your cybersecurity is top notch, you can rest assured that you’ll never walk alone.

Dedicated hacker time

You’ve read it well: with Zerocopter, you get dedicated hacker time. Our researchers can be put to work exactly where you need them. Through our platform, you communicate with our researchers directly through our platform and decide which parts of your software are researched by our team. Do’s and don’ts are for you to decide to make sure our researchers use the correct technical methods.

Dedicated Hacker Time in a nutshell: 

  • Quality
    Zerocopter Researchers who have undergone a rigorous vetting
  • Custom arrangements
    Even checking what is not broken is on the table!
  • A fixed price
    No matter the number of vulnerabilities we find
  • Quick start
    Dedicated Hacker Time can be set up and started in one (1!) workday
  • Live action
    Follow everything we do live –and take immediate action– through our platform
  • Direct communication
    Quick and direct communication


Based on the scope of the project, we deliver a detailed report of our findings. This key-information provides you with the opportunity to improve your security measures further. Well-written and evidence-based reports will, after being checked by our experienced Triage Team, pop up in your platform dashboard. Constructive reports by constructive hackers.

One Step Beyond

Going your cybersecurity One Step Beyond, requires manpower, not just technology. A collective effort will definitely strengthen your cybersecurity, especially if it is done by ethical hackers that understand how the mind of a hacker works. Start small, by scheduling dedicated hacker time to let your software be checked. Zerocopter offers you a platform with trustworthy ethical hackers that go One Step Beyond to realise ultimate cybersecurity for you. Be it through a Bug Bounty- or a Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure program, we’ll keep it human. 

Written by Zerocopter

December 16, 2021

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